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Are you looking for a rugged and luxurious light-weight trailer? Built to last generations of adventures. Made in California. 

Starting at $39,900 - nicely appointed

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Don't Compromise: The rigors of adventure meets the comforts of home.

Meet the Purpose Trailer

Full Outdoor Kitchen

Full outdoor kitchen includes 20k BTU dual burner portable stove, stainless steel professional-style sink, and slide out tray for either a cooler or fridge/freezer.

Fully Separate Bedroom & Bathroom

Designed for privacy and comfort, the bathroom includes a full shower, ceramic toilet, and a wall mirror. A Queen bed or 2 single beds allow for recharging in comfort after your outdoor adventures.

Custom Accessories

T-slot rails throughout interior and exterior to customize your trailer to your needs. Add more storage, attach your surfboard/kayak, firewood storage and many other accessories to make your trip more convenient.

"We built this for those that seek adventure and solitude at the same time"

- Travis King, Co-Owner

When I go with my husband to off-road camping, we needed a light weight trailer for our trails, but could never find one with a full shower. The Purpose trailer has all the amenities for both of us to enjoy together

Customer in Canada

I needed something that was really reliable and could keep up with my active lifestyle, especially when I'm bringing my entire family. I think I found it, and best of all, it's made in California!

Customer in California

It's the little details that set this trailer apart. The craftsmanship rivals the highest-end luxury trailers. And it's filled with features that you don't realize how important they are until you are halfway on your trip and away from civilization

Customer in Montana

Most Popular Customizations

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