RKS OFF-ROAD combines years of automotive, aerospace and recreational vehicle expertise and delivers a game changing World Class Overland Trailer and a New Generation of Toy Hauler that gives you the confidence to go anywhere. Boundless and Unlimited Family Freedom to venture wherever your heart desires and experience nature in the comfort and convenience never before seen in any trailer.


Unmatched Power Management to never worry in a trailer again - MOTIVE M19HD by RKS Off-Road


“Just plug in”

Self-sustaining Power Management System allows to plug in your everyday electronics, favorite toys, appliances and more - with confidence

Intelligent space usage to enable you to bring more on your trip; no compromises necessary between what you want to bring and what fits in your trailer

Intelligent Use Of Space

“Pack in a lot of value”

Harmonious balance of living space and storage enables you to bring more on your trip. Pack in your family, food, outdoor gear and enjoy - with peace of mind

Structural integrity is the key to give you freedom to choose where you want to lounge and enjoy your trailer: SkyDeck, back patio, inside or in front of the trailer - you decide

No Compromise

“The Sky is the limit”

Lightweight design without compromising structural integrity gives you the freedom to lounge anywhere you want: SkyDeck (roof top), back patio, inside or outside - you decide

Structural integrity allows you to enjoy and utilize all areas of the trailer: inside, outside, rear patio and the SkyDeck - roof access


When I go with my husband to off-road camping, we needed a light weight trailer for our trails, but could never find one with a full shower. The Purpose trailer has all the amenities for both of us to enjoy together.

Customer in Canada

I needed something that was really reliable and could keep up with my active lifestyle, especially when I'm bringing my entire family. I think I found it, and best of all, it's made in California!

Customer in California

It's the little details that set this trailer apart. The craftsmanship rivals the highest-end luxury trailers. And it's filled with features that you don't realize how important they are until you are halfway on your trip and away from civilization.

Customer in Montana

“I suffer from some serious back problems, but I still like to head out
to the track for the weekend. This trailer was meat for me, especially with its really comfortable bed!”

Customer in California

“Now that my kids are 5 and 7, I needed something a little more substantial than packing up a few tents, but I didn’t have space for a full RV. This was pretty cool that I can just take my FJ Cruiser and the Purpose Trailer for a few days.”

Customer in Arkansas

“The interior is REALLY NICE. Super impressed with the craftsmanship, especially the bathroom and kitchen. Never thought it could get this nice in a trailer.”

Customer in California