Videos - RKS Off-Road Trailers and Toy Haulers

RKS Off-Road purposely built its Off-Road Trailers and Toy Haulers for limitless family freedom. We intentionally design features that increase durability, function, and safety, while decreasing weight and waste.

Watch our videos to learn more about the features and specifications of our trailers.

MOTIVE - Toy Hauler or Cargo Edition



Happy 4th of July!

How big is your front cage?

RKS MOTIVE M19 Inspected by an NRVIA certified inspector

Quick set up of Solar Panel

RKS MOTIVE Hits the Off-Road Toy Hauler Market by STORM!

RKS Off - Road Motive Toy Hauler Trailer Walkthrough

RKS MOTIVE debut at the Power Sports Expo 2022

ROA review new 2022 RKS Purpose off-road trailer! OFF-ROADING in a BLIZZARD!

RKS Purpose Introduction

Purpose Bathroom

RKS Purpose - Walkthrough Video

RKS Purpose - Kitchen Walkthrough

RKS Purpose: Electrical Chassis

Cool Fridge/Freezer Lids Mechanism

JEEP Purpose

RKS Purpose - Production

Mule Build (Interior Packaging Fixture)

RKS Off-Road - Introduction