Automotive Engineering meets
California Adventure

A design process built on decades of expertise in
automotive engineering

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Research Process

A Customer-Driven Approach from the RV Industry.

Being based in California, we have a controlled obsession for the outdoors, but we could never find a suitable trailer that can keep up with our weekend warrior mentality.

With a background serving thousands of adventure-filled customers and weekend warriors through their RV Rental business, they knew exactly what customers needed (especially key features for those with families).

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Nano-precision to Optimize Ruggedness.

Every inch of this product is tested, analyzed, and optimized. We're not selling trailers, we're chasing perfection.

Every part on our products has to fulfill multiple purposes – just being “pretty” or “working” isn’t enough. We always ask: what else can be done with it? What other function/feature could this specific part be fulfilling? What else could a customer try to use this part for/with?

Functionality is beside quality and integrity - These are key to us.

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Prototype Testing

A Key Advantage with Our Manufacturing Techniques Inspired by the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has many great and proven quality and reliability processes and tools. Our thorough knowledge of these processes, allows us to modify and apply them to create the best recreational vehicles. Adjusting these to make them fit for our targets, products and company structure is key. Only then, these tools and processes will bring the best result.

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Quality Obsessed

Quality – it’s a core pillar of our products and company, it’s part of our DNA.

All features / functions are verified and validated in several ways to ensure it’s always produced and implemented with the upmost quality and integrity.  Utilizing automotive and aerospace preventive problem and quality management mechanisms help us in achieve superior product quality.

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Off-the-line Testing

If It's Not Good Enough for a Mercedes, It's Not Good Enough for Us.

We're obsessive on quality. Part of that is our European engineering background, but part of that is the pride of developing a really great product.

Using manufacturing techniques inspired from the development and production of German luxury vehicles, we made sure these Trailers are long-lasting and reliable. 

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Build Quality

Automotive-Grade Testing.
Automotive-Grade Quality.
Automotive-Grade Reliability.

Being in the luxury automotive space, we have a eye for the smallest details especially when it comes with products like these. That's why we've consulted with Toyota and Lexus manufacturing veterans to add to the knowledge we already gained by working for BMW, Audi, Daimler, and Ferrari.