Automotive Engineering Meets California Adventure

A design process built on decades of expertise in automotive engineering.

Inspired by Adventure

A customer-focused approach driven by personal experience.

We’re based on California, so a healthy obsession with the outdoors is natural. As explorers and owners of our own RV rental business, we know what even the most demanding weekend warriors need.

However, we never managed to find a trailer to meet the specific needs of our thousands of customers and met the quality standards we’ve come to expect from our daily driving vehicles. So we built our own.

Designed for Real Life

Nano-precision to optimize ruggedness.

Every inch of this product is tested, analyzed and optimized for long-term performance. We're not just selling trailers, we're chasing perfection for those who crave adventure without compromise.

Every part on our products has to fulfill multiple purposes – aesthetic design or function alone are not enough. We task our design and innovation team with questions like: what else can be done with this part? How can we make two features where one currently exists? How can we evolve our design based on customer feedback? And then we get to work.

Prototype Testing

Inspired by the rigors of the automotive industry.

Our team has collectively spent decades in the quality and integrity-focused automotive industry, working for OEMs including Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Audi, Daimler and Ferrari. This experience allows us to take learnings from the industry’s proven quality and reliability processes and tools. At our development facility, we bring this knowledge to life, modifying and applying tried and tested development and prototyping processes to create industry-leading recreational vehicles.

Quality Obsessed

Beyond just our products, it’s part of our DNA.

Every feature and function of our trailers are verified and validated with techniques seldom seen in the traditional RV industry. Our utilization of automotive and aerospace preventive problem and quality management techniques help us achieve unparalleled product build quality. We live and breathe integrity and you’ll see that approach come to life when you experience our products.