Do you want to extend freshwater usage in your trailer?

Today we want to talk about one of the "smelly topics" and how we at RKS Off-Road, addressed these:

  • Reusing grey water & its benefits
  • Macerator toilets& why you will like that feature


Grey water…. Is it spelled grey water or gray water? Seems the internet isn’t quite sure about that, but one thing we can all be sure about is that no one enjoys having to deal with their waste tanks. From the hassle of refilling the fresh water to the smell of dumping and the occasional mishap of getting splashed is never any fun.

eww! smelly tanks
When building the RKS Purpose and MOTIVE, we set out to find a solution to these issues. Our goals were to increase tank capacities, reuse the grey water in a safe manner, and lessen the the pain when needed to dump the tanks.

Having previous experience in the RV business we knew what steps to take to accomplish these goals. We decided instead of just one freshwater tank we would add two and increase the holding capacity to 70 gallons. That allowed us to not only increase the freshwater capacity but also to balance our trailers better.  


Our next task was to find a safe way to recycle our grey water and reroute it as an option for flushing the toilet. Although we would have liked to reuse all the grey water on the trailer, we found it best to only reuse the shower and bathroom sink water. With this in mind we created a system where you are able to choose with a push of a button which tank (fresh/grey) you would like to flush your toilet.

Once that was accomplished, we then went on to think through how we can improve dumping, which is statistically the number 1 pain point in having a trailer/RV. That was the moment, when we decided to ensure that all our toilets have macerators.

If you are new to the RV industry, you might not know yet the benefit of that feature: macerators basically "chop up" all solids and thus, make sure you no longer have to worry about plugged up tanks/tank-outlets. Anyone who has ever had to deal with that can confirm, fixing a plugged up blackwater outlet is really something you want to avoid.

Another cool benefit of the macerator is that you can dump your black tank at your house; assuming you have a long enough hose to route to your house toilet. As everything is "chopped up" and thus liquid, you don't need the commonly used blackwater dump hose and an RV/trailer blackwater dump station. All you need is a regular, long enough hose.

Intelligent water system to  conserve water and to allow you to stay out longer

No other trailer or camper on the market offers this option!


With bigger tanks and the ability to recycle the grey water you are now able to dry camp for a few extra days and not worry about filling up or dumping constantly. Plus, you help conserve precious freshwater.

It's good for you and good for the environment - that's a win-win we like!




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